The Square

If you haven't seen The Square yet, do me and yourself a favor: see it! I had heard multiple positive reviews of The Square but I can honestly say that it exceeded my expectations. This is a moving and gut wrenching tale of a fight for freedom. A struggle to take back ownership of one's life and one's home. This is a beautifully told story of the resilience of the human spirit and the strength of human will. This is a story that could have been set in many different countries and is simultaneously occurring around the world. Palestine, Ukraine, Iran, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Venezuela...and the list goes on. 

The Square is a perfect blend of raw and produced storytelling, masterfully pieced together to really get to the heart of the matter. It is films like this that inspire me to keep trekking down the production path and getting closer and closer to being able to tell these types of stories. It is films like this that remind me how connected I am to people's struggles and how driven I am to make a positive impact in this world.