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Google’s campaign which celebrates small business owners around the world and the impact they are making in their communities.



Skateboarder Jagger Eaton has quite an extensive resume in the sport despite being a teenager -- at the age of 11, he became the youngest competitor in X Games history when he competed in the 2012 event. With this series, he's looking to expand his horizons beyond skateboarding and learn more about other areas of the sports world.

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Eddie Huang takes the term multihyphenate to a new level. After being laid off from his job as a lawyer, the law school graduate went on to become a clothing designer, restaurateur, TV host and author. He uses his varied experiences as the star of this series that combines food and travel. Huang visits locations around the world to learn about the local history, culture and -- of course -- food.



An American science fiction crime drama series, Stitchers follows Kirsten, who has been recruited into a government agency to be "stitched" into the memories of people recently deceased to investigate murders and mysteries that otherwise would have gone unsolved. Cameron, a brilliant neuroscientist, assists Kirsten in the secret program headed by Maggie, a skilled covert operator.


Larry Ellison, chief executive of Oracle Corp., has purchased the Hawaiian island of Lanai in June 2012. The Love Lanai website features stories of the island's rich cultural heritage and outlines Mr. Ellison's plans to turn Lanai into a model of economic and environmental sustainability. 

In 2013, Mr. Ellison also opened Nikita Malibu, an American-Mediterranean restaurant specializing in fine dining and special events for A-list celebrities. The content created by Infidea Studios showcases the breathtaking ocean views, Michelin Star staff, Raleigh Chateau trained sommelier, and impressive events at Nikita Malibu.

The Speed Project, Optimist Inc.

On March 29th, 2013 six runners set out to run 340 miles from the Santa Monica Pier to the Las Vegas Strip, to establish a relay speed record. They spent 41 consecutive hours running on unpredictable terrain and battling the elements. The runners challenged themselves to push beyond boundaries to inspire others to do the same. A production crew and support team followed their every step and documented their journey; from the physical challenges, to the emotional breakdowns, and all the way through to the glory of success. CLICK HERE TO WATCH FULL DOCUMENTARY 

Operation Change, The Starkey Hearing Foundation 

Operation Change is a global movement that connects people to the change they want to create in the world. In addition to an interactive web platform, the movement is centered on a new television series that explores various cultures and challenges around the world. Whether it be building soccer fields where Israeli and Palestinian children can play together or constructing new latrines to improve sanitation and reduce disease in Papua New Guinea, Operation Change showcases the innovative ways that people address their unique issues. All 10 episodes PREMIERED ON THE OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK and can be seen at



Mike Williams for Congress, 5th District of Connecticut

Dr. Michael John Williams is a leading voice of progressive politics, with a priority on creating a 21st century economy based on sustainable capitalism and sound environmental policies. He has a background in international relations with particular interests in US foreign policy, transatlantic relations, civil-military relations and the intersection between war, technology and society. Mike’s candidacy is historical as he is only the 3rd openly gay individual to run for Congress.


Into the Niger Delta, Wells & Jeta Entertainment

Into the Niger Delta is a powerful documentary that chronicles the experiences of 7 Americans as they travel to Nigeria to witness first hand the environmental devastation and social unrest caused by catastrophic oil spills that have been occurring for the past 50 years.

Director Jeta Amata took the documentary on the road and hosted screenings at 10 university campuses throughout the US to raise awareness and engage students in a discussion on how to make a positive impact on a struggling region of the world.