radical self-expression, civic responsibility, communal effort...and costumes!

After many years of vehemently protesting (without having the slightest clue what I was talking about) the idea of going to Burning Man, I had a radical change of heart and hit the desert in 2013 for one of the most amazing experiences of my life. There truly are no words to adequately describe the experience. All I will say is EVERYONE should give it a try! Wherever you are in life and whatever experience you seek, you will find it in the Black Rock Desert. Meditation, rollerskating, yoga, hookah bars, Ted talks, foam showers, dance parties, creme brûlée stands, yachts on wheels cruising through the desert, relationship workshops, unicorns (yes, unicorns...many of them), new and unexpected friendships, skydiving, weddings, a fire breathing octopus, jungle gyms, and all of the brilliant colors of the human experience can be found at Burning Man. I promise. Click on the photos to get a glimpse of my first experience on the playa and check out this recent article if you are interested in understanding why I will be returning to the desert in August of 2014.